Top 10 of the Worst U.S. Presidents in History and Why

The United States’ 29th President was Harding. He was in the white house from 1921 to 1923. Many historians, scholars, and the public cite him as one of the worst presidents of the United States. He was against the League of Nations that was advanced by Woodrow Wilson. His admiration was filled with scandals and corruption allegation, none of it was traced to Harding. After his death, the drama, graft, and corruption heightened. The president’s personal life was equally scandalous and tawdry because of his extramarital affairs with multiple women including Nan Britton who wrote a book indicating that Harding fathered a daughter with her.

The political trouble of Harding set in because of his mishandling of Teapot Dome oil reserves that proved scandal worth in his administration. Harding’s administration stance in the White House pro-business witnessed corporate tax and wealthy slashing as well as pro-tariff and anti-immigration. He was famous with ameliorating the American economy where interest rates increased while the public debt reduced which helped balance the federal budget. However, Harding White House legacy was overshadowed with corruption cases, and scandals such as the Teapot Dome Scandal and other wheeling dealings tarnished his reputation and legacy.

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