Top 10 Isolated Tribes Untouched by Civilization

Jarawa Tribe of Andaman Islands, India

The Jarawas tribe are inhabitants of the Andaman Islands located in India. They are considered to be one of the oldest aboriginal tribes with a population of 250 to 400 members. It’s believed that they have been isolated for 55,000 years, utterly untouched by society. They are a self-sufficient tribe and count on hunting turtles and fish and cultivate fruits and vegetables for food.

The first time they came in contact with the outside world was in 1997. Before that, this tribesmen were extremely hostile with trespassers and attacked them with bows and arrows. Today they face many problems, and one of the most significant issues that could wipe out the tribe is having little to no immunity to diseases. However, their main threat is the Andaman Trunk Road which leads to the exploitation of their land for things like poaching. Tourists are also exploiting the women of the tribe.

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