Top 10 Isolated Tribes Untouched by Civilization

Tribes have existed for thousands of years. To this day, some of those tribe remain isolated and refuse or resist any contact with our modern society. These tribes are completely self-sufficient; depending on hunting and cultivating crops for survival. They have also maintained their cultural traditions over the years. The following ten items are the names of the top 10 isolated tribes that remain untouched by civilization.

The Huaorani Tribe, Peru

The Huaorani or Waodani tribe is a tribe located in The Amazonian region of Ecuador, Peru. The first discovery of the tribe happened in the late 1940s by the employees of the oil company ‘Shell’ in the Amazon rainforest. The unwelcomed visitors were quick to abandon the area after being driven out by the tribe who were described as being ferocious and savages.

The second contact with the isolated tribe was by five missionaries in the year 1956. Sadly, the five of them were brutally speared to death by the Huaorani tribe. The sister of one of the missionaries that were killed was able to communicate with them after learning their language and became a peaceful contact with them.

The Huaorani tribe has their language, called Wuao, which isn’t related to any other spoken language. For food, they mainly depend on hunting meat and fish instead of cultivating plants. Although many Huaorani members now have moved to oil frontier towns near them and speak Spanish, there is a large number of them that resist any connection to our modern society.

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