10 Weird Things People Found in Their Backyards

3. Live World War II Bombs

Bombs are tested before being taken to war, and the best place to do it is a mostly uninhabited place. Everyone would say Utah, but Orlando Florida was the victim this time. The army had used the 12000-acre property to test heavy-duty bomb shooting during World War II, but the shooting range seems to have been forgotten. The first scare came when bomb fragments injured developers of a race track in Odyssey middle school.

The clear map of the range testing site was drawn forcing the Army corps to start a 10 million dollar clean up. The result was a whole neighborhood with lots of red flags pointing at hundreds of live bombs. People were outraged because their property prices plummeted overnight and the cleanup crew was never able to get all the bombs. So next time you buy a house on former military land, you better make sure it was used for guns only

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