10 Creative Ways to Make Money On Instagram

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply put: referring people to buy a product from a company which in returns pay you in commission. Thanks to Ronaldo over here, this will be very easy to explain using him as an example. The link you see above is a shortened url to better fit in (but most probably to hide) the ugly looking affiliate link which typically looks more like this:


If people click on the link, the company will pay Ronaldo a share of how much people spend on that website.

Ok cool, but HOW do you do it?

  1. Firstly, you need to sign up to an affiliate website. For example Clickbank
  2. After being accepted, you need to find a company and a product you’d like to promote. The commission can range between 1%-70%. I recommend focusing on something that is focused around your Instagram. For example, if you’re a girl posting a lot of makeup images, then looking for a lipstick company could be a very good idea.
  3. Go to the product you’d like to promote, generate an affiliate link using the tool found on the affiliate website.
  4. Go to google shortener and paste in your link.
  5. Create the best converting post you can imagine in order to make as many as possible click on your link and make a purchase. Enjoy the revenue.
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